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Answering the BASIC business questions @ the 2018 Brushy Fork Institute

If you will be around Central Kentucky in mid-September, check out the Brushy Fork Institute at Berea College (www.berea.edu/brushy-fork-annual-institute).  It is scheduled for September 18-20 and is a convening of leaders in the region committed to community and economic development in Central Appalachia.  I'll be hosting a track called "Emerging Women Appalachian Entrepreneurs" on Wednesday September 19 - Thursday September 20.

Having been to BFI as a participant, I gained so much to take into my consulting business, the classroom at Morehead State University for arts administration and entrepreneurship, as well as the programming in the community and MSU's Golding Yang Art Gallery.

Happily I was invited to be a presenter this year for an intensive track focused on leading emerging female entrepreneurs in the region through a variety of entrepreneurial mindset activities.   The track is fast-paced and is geared towards giving emerging entrepreneurs a strong foundation of knowing (and communicating!) the basics of:

WHAT we do; HOW we do it; WHY we do it; and FOR WHOM do we do it?

Sounds simple but it's not!  In the session participants will take a deep dive into investigating the basic (yet philosophical) questions about their venture.  We won't be writing a business plan - oh no! - but we will be mining the raw goods to create one in the future AND actually be prepared to do so.

Hope you can join me at the 2018 Brushy Fork Institute!

Raise your hand if you're excited for Creativation 2018!

I'm getting ready to take off to sunny and warm (here's hoping!) Phoenix AZ on this coming Friday to present "Re/Framing Your Business: Business Concept Tools for Creatives", a two hour high impact session that will run participants (quickly!) through entrepreneurship tools like the Business Model Canvas, Value Propositions, Buyer Personae Inventory, MIndmapping for Diversified Revenue Opportunities, and Action Planning for 2018.  For more information about Creativation and the Association for Creative Industries, visit www.creativationshow.org.

jennifer reis art business entrepreneurship presentation.JPG

Raise your hand if you're going to Creativation 2018!   Thanks to Tom Musgrave from the Kentucky Arts Council for sharing this pic of me presenting on Branding and Marketing for Creatives at their 2017 Creative Industries Summit last December.